First Post!

Hey Friends!

I’m thankful you liked what you saw enough from my Instagram or Etsy shop that you followed the link to get to this blog. I am so humbled by the love and support I’ve received since sharing what I hope to be fun and simple organization tips, as well as digital content.

With that said, here is my first blog post! I am, in no way, a writer so all of my posts will be short and sweet. They will be complete with at least one photo and some will have links to awesome products on Amazon I have grabbed and loved (so much so that I had to share them with you).

A little about me before I close out this post (you can find more in the about section on my site):

– I am a silly, creative, Christian lady who has a stud husband and 4 amazing children
– I wear a million different hats (well a little less, but you get it): Wife, Mom, Director of a homeschool co-op, Etsy shop owner times two, and I guess now a blogger?!
– I LOVE coffee and tacos!
– I love weight lifting and am dying to build a home gym (hopefully this will happen over the next two years)
– I love to organize and declutter! Stuff makes me crazy, so I want to get rid of everything. With that, I’m not incredibly sentimental. Oops.

I’m excited you have decided to follow along in my crazy journey and I hope you get something out of this! Let’s connect! Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow back: @sewist_marissa

From the one trip I have had by myself 🙂

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